ZENAGAME Family Boom - Board Game for the Whole Family - 300 Unique Cards, Fun Games for Families, Gift for all Ages

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Edition: English


  • 300 UNIQUE AND FUNNY CARDS - Family Boom is a groundbreaking new card game that combines several activities into one small box! You’ll never be bored with the variety of different screwball challenges and prompts. So...which player will find their way to the top?
  • INCREDIBLY EASY GAME PLAY FOR ALL AGES - Everyone can play Family Boom! The rules are simple: draw a card, read it, and follow the directions. People of any age, young and old, will want to play this family board games!
  • 300 CARDS FOR HAPPY FAMILY TIME… OR NOT: Sore losers stay away! Anything is fair in Family Boom board games...as long as it stays friendly enough. Cheaters will have to take the consequences, but only if they get caught!
  • AS A FAMILY OR AMONG FRIENDS: Whether at a birthday party, a family dinner, sleeping over, or Sunday lunch with your in-laws, there’s nothing better than Family Boom to bring everyone together for a great time! Works well with large or small groups. The pack of cards is also a convenient size and makes a perfect bulk-free travel activity
  • JUST 15 MINUTES....OR ALL NIGHT! Family Boom was designed to be fun for everyone, and to help you have a good time with your little ones, drinking in with friends, all day or night long! Game play is very adaptable - child, teen, or adult, and an unlimited number of players!