Xhwykzz Dual PSU Power Supply 24 Pin Extension Cable, for ATX Motherboard, 24 pin to 24(20+4) pin, 12 inch/ 30cm Black

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Brand: Xhwykzz

Color: 24 pin to 24(20+4) pin 1 / Pack


  • ✔ Allowing you to connect an additional PSU to your ATX motherboard;
  • ✔ Both PSU will be powered up by one single motherboard. Use a second PSU to power multiple graphics cards;
  • ✔ Compatible with 24 pin and 20 pin ATX motherboards (1x 24 pin(20+4) male port and 2x 24 pin female ports);
  • ✔ Designed for intense Gamining and BitCoin Mining; Material: 18AWG Length: main cable 12inches + secondary cable 12inches (30cm+30cm);
  • ✔ Reminder: If there are pins off, you can plug back in the direction of the slot, does not affect the use!

Details: Features: Length: 30 cm / 12inch dual PSU cable. Secondary power supply unit adapter. Add the second PSU to the PC. When two power supply units are connected together, you can supply more power to computer components without upgrading existing power supply units. You need enough space to accommodate 2 PSUs. You can change the chassis or purchase one of the following chassis. Designed with PVC flexible jacket, 18 AWG oxygen free copper prolongs the life span of this cable as well as ensures a safe connection. This is safe as the motherboard gets power from only one PSU. The second PSU provides power to the other components. Both PSUs start by pressing the on / off button of your PC.

Package Dimensions: 5.7 x 3.2 x 0.7 inches