Wooden Squirrel Feeder - 24.5 x 11 x 29cm - Natural Hanging Feeding Station With Metal Roof | Weatherproof | Ideal For Any Size Garden Or Balcony

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Brand: Skojig


  • 🌻 Large food storage - the wooden squirrel house measures 24.5x11x29 cm (HxWxD, incl. seat board) and has an Xxl food chamber, which is protected against moisture and mould. The metal roof makes the house absolutely weatherproof.
  • ✅ Species conservation = environmental protection - our native squirrels are increasingly being replaced by grey squirrels. With the feeding station suitable for all seasons you support the friendly rodents in their search for food.
  • 🌱 Best wood processing, safe design - the squirrel food house was built from pine wood without sharp edges. It has a suspension device and a plexiglass viewing window. A gap between window and lid guarantees the safety of the animals.
  • ♻ A great pastime - animal lovers can watch the goings-on at the squirrel feeding station for hours! After a few weeks, the rodents literally queue up to get the coveted nuts.
  • 💚 Healthy diet - special squirrel food, nuts and seeds are the rodents' favourites To help yourself, lift the lid with your head. Birds, mice and other animals cannot steal the squirrels' food.

Details: At this feeding place squirrels can fill their stomachs! The nut vending machine is a great hibernation aid and observation possibility. TYPICAL Design With SAFETY FEATURES Watching squirrels nibbling is the favourite activity of garden and balcony owners! This feed dispenser made of untreated pine wood has a large seat platform. Thanks to water-stop devices and ventilation slits, the food cannot go mouldy inside. There is a small gap between the inspection glass and the lid, which is lifted for feed removal, to prevent injuries when the flap closes. Since the feed flap cannot be opened by other species, the feed is exclusively available to the croissants! WHEN And WHAT? The feeding box can be easily filled from above. Suitable are hazelnuts, walnuts, beechnuts, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, chestnuts, apple and carrot pieces as well as shelled nuts for young animals. It is best to place a water bowl nearby, and you will see that after a few weeks of regular visits! Squirrels are preferred to feed in winter when the ground is frozen and snowy, but also after "low-yield" summers or in urban areas where there is generally less food. SO Are you using the feeding station CORRECT The squirrel house has a metal roof and is therefore weatherproof. It is best to impregnate the natural wood with linseed oil or paint it as desired (Attention! Use products without toxic substances). Thanks to the suspension device, the automatic feeder can be screwed to a post, tree, fence or wooden construction. You can also attach the feeding house to the balcony railing or fix it to a wooden pole - always raised, of course, to protect the rodents from predators.

Package Dimensions: 11.6 x 10.4 x 5.5 inches