Wooden Bat Box - 18 x 13 x 28.5 - Natural Garden Shelter For Roosting, Nesting & Hibernation|Weather Proof Habitat For Summer & Winter

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Brand: Skojig


  • 🌻 Sufficient living space - The bat house serves as a shelter and sleeping place in summer. But it is also used for nesting and wintering. With Skojig's bat nesting cave you can welcome the nocturnal animals in your garden all year round!
  • ✅ For mosquito-free nights - bats are natural pest controllers and therefore extremely useful. Their excrement is also an excellent fertiliser. It is best to install several bat boxes, as the animals are very sociable and change their quarters frequently.
  • 🌱 Functional design - The bat hotel is made of weatherproof material and has a roof made of fir wood. Inside it is nice and cozy, dark and draught-proof. The pine wood is rough, untreated and grooved - perfect for the little bat claws!
  • ♻ A Rewarding Garden Accessory - The landing aid and the entrance slit allow the animals to find their hiding place at any time. Please do not disturb them - when they swarm out at dusk to search for food, the winged garden inhabitants provide wonderful observation opportunities!
  • 💚 Nature Will Thank You - Plant protection products and dwindling habitats are a threat to bats. The Bat Nest Cave is therefore the perfect place for you to contribute to environmental protection.

Details: With this wooden shelter you contribute to the conservation of the bats, and you will also get a fertile, mosquito-free garden! TU What against the housing shortage of the BATS! The bat's habitats such as caves, hollow trees, barns and attics are becoming increasingly rare. This is mainly the fault of man. Fortunately, however, the flying mammals also accept artificially created houses with great goodwill. They use it as week-room (nesting box) or summer-quarters (sleep place, day-hiding place), more rarely also as hibernation-help. That has advantages for you too: Since bats feed on flying insects, they provide a natural control of moths, beetles and mosquitoes. DETAILS about the BAT'S QUARTERS The bat box measures 18x13x28.5 cm (LxWxH) and thus offers sufficient space for whole colonies. The incubator has a 2 cm wide entry gap with landing surface at the bottom and grooves in the rear wall for better gripping. The Bat Hotel is visually captivating with its fir wood roof and the beautiful bat branding. WHAT ARE GARDEN BENEFITS? Thanks to the suspension device you can attach the bat nesting box to the wall of the house (preferably under a roof eaves), to a tree or to the stable. Hang it at least 4.50m above the ground to make it predator-proof. The best place is a half-shaded, noiseless place with a pond and night-flowering plants nearby. Grant the bats a clear approach path. You rarely have to clean the box, because the excrement can simply fall out of the opening - by the way, this is an excellent fertilizer for the vegetable patch! If the bat hotel is occupied, you should not disturb the animals under any circumstances.

Package Dimensions: 12.3 x 8.0 x 5.6 inches