Whimsii 3 in 1 Dog Brush & Cat Brush | Cat Grooming Brush | Dog Grooming Brush & Undercoat Rake Dog & Deshedding Tool for Dogs | Dog Brush for Short Haired Dogs | Dog Brush for Long Haired Dogs

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Brand: Whimsii

Color: Black


  • THE ONLY BRUSH YOU NEED: You will have all the best cat/dog brushes for grooming with our 3-in-1 interchangeable heads design. Whimsii pet grooming brush is made with a focus on quality, comfort and efficiency to bring you the best value for your money.
  • PLEASANT EXPERIENCE FOR YOUR PET: Slicker brush is designed with massage beads to protect skin whilst promoting blood circulation, removing mats, tangles and dander. Its comfortable and ergonomic with a easy one button hair disposal feature.
  • REDUCE SHEDDING BY 96%: Stainless steel comb with easy clean action. Instantly notice less shedding around the house, furniture and car. Dog shedding brush targets the top coat and penetrates the undercoat to remove loose fur in one smooth motion.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL FUR TYPES, COATS AND BREEDS: Dog undercoat rake is ideal for thick, long and heavy coated furs with undercoats. Pet brush is suitable for clearing all mats and tangles in dogs, cats, rabbits leaving fur healthy and shiny.
  • BEST RESULTS OR MONEY BACK: For best results use short angled strokes in the direction of the coat. Be gentle when brushing, do not tug or pull. Don’t use if your pet has an open wound. If you are not 100% satisfied please contact our dedicated customer service team. ORDER NOW!

Details: Product description Why Choose Whimsii? Are you tired of cleaning pet hair from your home, furniture, and car? Don’t worry we have the perfect dog shedding tools to stop your pet from excessively shedding. Grooming is an essential practice you should never avoid. By brushing your dog on a regular basis you can minimize shedding, remove excess fur and keep their coat healthy. Our 3-in-1 pet hair brush has you covered whether it's a pet with short hair or long hair. Reasons To Groom Your Pet Regularly? Reduce Shedding Prevent Painful Mats Distribute Natural Oils To Your Pets Coat Bond With Your Pet Your Pet Will Look Healthier & Feel More Comfortable Benefits of Whimsii Dog Grooming Tools Multi-Purpose: 3-in-1 professional dog grooming equipment. Self-Cleaning Grooming Brushes for Dogs: Press one button for easy clean-up. Massage Beads & Angled Bristles: Designed to pull out hair without hurting your pet. Ergonomic Design: Cuts grooming time in half. Stainless Steel Dog Stripping Comb & Dog Rake Cutter: We pride ourselves on bringing you quality products Who Is This Dog Grooming Brush Set for? Our slicker brush for dogs is suitable for many breeds. It is suitable as a Poodle brush, Cocker Spaniel brush, Cavapoo brush, Labrador brush, Labradoodle brush, Pomeranian brush, Husky brush, Cockerpoo brush, and MANY MORE! Also ideal as a rabbit grooming brush, horse shedding tool, and cat shedding brush!  Dog Brush Set Includes 1 × Dog Grooming Brush 1 × Dog Deshedding Tool 1 × Dog Dematting tool 1 × User Manual Safety Warning Be gentle when brushing. Don't use on pets with open wounds. If your pet is shedding more than normal for a particular breed then seek professional advice. Not suitable for use by children under the age of 3.

Package Dimensions: 11.7 x 5.7 x 3.6 inches

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