VIIRKUJA 2 x 5 m fine mesh pond net (18 x 18 mm) | colour: black | bird protection net, leaf net, bird repellent net, pond cover net, bird protection net.

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  • Fine mesh: the tightly meshed VIIRKUJA net with a mesh size of 18 x 18 mm is perfect as a net cover for protecting garden ponds and pools against leaves
  • Weather-resistant: the material used is UV stable and weather resistant and can therefore be used both in summer and winter
  • Robust and tear-resistant: multiple interwoven plastic threads produce a high tear resistance, stability and flexibility. So the net is also perfect as a bird protection net and garden net
  • Versatile: whether as a pond net, leaf net or garden net – the VIIRKUJA net is suitable for almost all applications thanks to its tight mesh and flexibility
  • Easy to cut: if your pond, balcony or tree is a different size than the net, you can easily cut it with normal scissors

Package Dimensions: 11.7 x 5.9 x 2.7 inches