Teeth Whitening Kit, OUZIGRT Teeth Whitener, Teeth Bleaching Kit with Red & Blue Light Mix Mode LED Whitening Mouth Tray and 3 Teeth whitening Pen for Home and Travel

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Color: Blue


  • 【Fast and Effective Teeth Whitening】: OUZIGRT teeth whitening kit can easily bring you white teeth. Using a newest generation of teeth whitening solutions, the light emits by the LED oral tray which were underwent special optical treatment, use it in conjunction with whitening gel can remove long-standing stains on the surface of the teeth quickly so as to achieve the effect of teeth whitening.
  • 【Suitable for Variety of Teeth Stains】: This teeth whitening kit can deal with varieties of stains, and ideal for teeth stains caused by tobacco, wine, tea, coffee, etc. You can see excellent results after repeated use. If you continue to use it for a long time, the effect of teeth whitening will be better.
  • 【Red and Blue Light Dual Protection】: Unlike other teeth whitening kits, our LED oral tray adds a red light mode and a red & blue mixed mode. Blue light mode: general teeth whitening; red light mode: antibacterial; red & blue light mixed mode: deep whitening plus antibacterial. Multiple protections make your teeth healthy and white.
  • 【Painless and Non-sensitivity】: By using different wavelengths of red and blue light, the effect of the whitening gel can be enhanced. They are all cold light and will not generate heat during the whitening process. When used in conjunction with the whitening gel, it will not cause sensitivity.
  • 【Variety of Outstanding Functions】: The LED oral tray equipped with 32 LED lights can make the teeth whitening effect more obivious. 16 minutes automatic shutdown function allows you to relax and deal with other things during the teeth whitening process without noticing the times. An excellent item for whitening your teeth at home or when traveling.

Binding: Personal Care

Package Dimensions: 6.8 x 3.9 x 2.0 inches