Supmaker Aquarium Air Stone Fish Tank Led Air Stone Bubble Light with 6 Color Changing LEDs for Aquarium

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Brand: Supmaker

Color: Black


  • Come with 115cm power cable, can be submersed into water, wildy use for aquariums, fish tanks, pools and so on.
  • It create a colorful column of bubbles in your aquarium with endless color combinations thanks to 6 color changing RGB leds.
  • This fish tank bubble maker fill with stone, can sit at the bottom of tank steady with 3 mini suction cup.
  • Connect to air pump for air bubble billow effect (Air pump is not included), ideal for aquarium, fish tank etc.
  • Create exciting aquarium landscapes and enhance aquarium aeration with a curtain of air bubbles shimmering with eye-catching LED light effects.

Details: Our Supmaker color-changing Led bubble ring creates a geyser of shimmering bubbles highlighted by brilliant Led lights. Instantly add interest to freshwater aquariums while improving water movement and oxygenation. 6 energy-efficient Leds automatically cycle through hundreds of colors so your aquarium never appears the same. This LED works best as an accent in freshwater or marine aquariums. Features: 6 Multi-Colored RGB LEDs and an airstone combined in a single decor piece. Built-in air stones create air bubbles for improved oxygenation and gas exchange. This fish tank air stone is IP68 waterproof rate, excellent sealed design, can be fully submerged in water. Fully submersible Color-Changing LED Bubble Ring features a built-in airstone and special anchoring flaps to secure unit in place. Directions for Use Attach airline tubing to air inlet on the Led bubble ring. Make sure airstone is securely in place. Connect airline tubing to an air pump. Connect power cord to transformer. Position and anchor Led bubble ring by covering flaps with gravel. Plug transformer and air pump into electrical outlet. Note 1: Please put the item into water to soak for 15-20 minutes before you connected it to the air pump, so that bubbles can emit alll around.(Bubble will be even after air disk working underwater for 40 minutes). 2: If the bubbles did not come out of whole circle and only coming out one side of the disk, your should sure the pump you use has enough power to work it. 3: Any problems with our items, please feel free to contact us, we will resolve the problem to your 100% satisfation by our great customer service. Package Included 1 x LED Bubble Light 1 x Power Adapter (UK standard wall plug) 1 x Air Tube 1 x User Manual

Package Dimensions: 4.4 x 4.3 x 2.8 inches