Rykey Sturdy Foldable 304 Stainless Shelf Rack for Microwave Oven Wall Mount Bracket Load 130lb

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Brand: Rykey

Color: Silver


  • 304 Stainless Steel Strong Bearing Strength, Perfectly used for long time
  • Specifications: Length 23.5cm * 3.8cm * width height 20cm
  • Microwave Oven Wall Mount Saving Space For Your Kitchen.
  • Sturdy Fixed by Four Corners,Fasten By Stainless Steel Screw
  • Adjust The Length Of Support Freely. Foldable design.

Binding: Kitchen & Home

Details: Microwave Installation Instructions: 1. First microwave IP placed on the stand, measuring the length of placement is determined, make a record 2. Fixed horizontal, ruler and marker on the wall installation length dimension 23, stippled punch! 3. In microwave stand as a reference point to draw punch 3 "with a spirit level to make reference 4. 10mm drill with drilling (depth of about 8 cm hole diameter 10mm 5. The expansion screw through the bracket, knocking the wall 6. Use a wrench tool to tighten! The main takeaway is that you want to use a 10mm drill bit for the anchor hole, and go 8cm deep into the wall. Like I said in the title

Package Dimensions: 11.2 x 3.8 x 2.1 inches