Push Up Rack Board,9 In 1 with Resistance Rope Foldable Multifunction Home Workout Fitness Equipment, Portable Push-Up Training Frame, Used For Men Women Home Fitness Training

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Color: Multifunction Push Up Board


  • [With Exercise Resistance Band] This is not just an ordinary push up board, the upgraded multi-functional push-up board adds two elastic ropes, which can be used together with the push-up board. Not only can push ups, but also exercise the muscles of the legs and buttocks
  • 【Simple operation】The product is accompanied with operating instructions to provide you with a week of training suggestions. Whether you are a man or a women, a newbie or a fitness expert, push-ups can meet your training needs and let you complete the standard Push-up
  • 【Protect your wrists】Use push up exercises to avoid direct palm pressure on the ground, avoid ligament damage caused by joint compression, and at the same time allow you to lower your body pressure during training and stretch and exercise muscles more effectively
  • 【Multi-site muscle exercise】9-in-1 multi-function push-up board, according to the different holes on the board, change the strength of the muscles during push ups, can effectively exercise the muscles of the shoulders, arms, back, abdomen and chest
  • 【Save time and money】Push-ups are the perfect home training equipment. You do n’t need to be a gym member or spend valuable time in the gym. Foldable design, smaller size, easy to carry and store, you can effectively exercise directly at home, and start a weight loss journey at any time

Details: Product selling point 1. Exercise multiple muscle groups 2. Easy to use and easy to use 3. Portable push-up board, you can exercise at home or anywhere 4. Comfortable handle, can bear 120kg Product Details Weight: 1.3kg Size: 64x20x2cm Material: ABS engineering plastic Maximum load: 120kg For specific muscles:shoulder (red), chest (blue), back yellow), triceps (green)

Package Dimensions: 13.3 x 10.6 x 4.2 inches