Purition Macadamia & Vanilla Natural Protein Powder for Keto Diet Shakes and Meal Replacements Shakes With Only Natural Ingredients, 1 Bag (12 Servings)

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Brand: Purition


  • WHOLEFOOD PREMIUM PROTEIN POWDER. Purition is more than just a high protein powder. It is a natural, healthy, real food alternative to meal replacement shakes, smoothies and protein supplements, great for keto diets, made from real wholefood ingredients and a vegetarian source of protein.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS. You will find none of the processed powders, additives, sugars or flavourings found in regular protein powders and meal replacement shakes. Just natural protein, healthy omega fats, fibre and the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Vegetarian Society approved.
  • CONVENIENT. Our pouches provide a quick and delicious low carb, low sugar keto smoothie, or lunch when you do not have time to cook. Real food, ready in 30 seconds, with no cooking and perfect portion control every time.
  • WEIGHT LOSS. Our unique gluten-free blends leave you feeling full and satisfied, without raising blood sugar levels, which means you will not be tempted to reach for a sugar fix before lunch. Each 40g serving has no more than 200 calories and no more than 14 grams of fat.
  • POST-WORKOUT RECOVERY. If training, use Purition after exercise to replace lost nutrients or well before to fuel your workout and recovery. Packed with essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, and 9) and protein (BCAAs) providing your body with the natural sports nutrition it craves after exercise.

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Details: A wholefood protein shake to help you reach your goals naturally. Full of protein, healthy omega fats and fibre. Use for breakfast, lunch or post workout daily to help improve your overall nutrition for natural health, weight loss or recovery after intense exercise. Packed with 100% natural superfoods, low-carb, high-protein PURITION is the answer to your nutritional needs to help sculpt a lean, toned body. Regular users report incredible fat-loss results when using PURITION as a post-training supplement or meal replacement. All-clean ingredients leave you feeling full and satisfied while your body burns fat thanks to our unique metabolism-boosting formula that includes top-quality whey protein isolate from Devon, almonds, pistachios, chia seeds, flaxseed and coconut. PURITION is so much more than a protein shake. Our blend of natural ingredients also provides health and fitness essentials including fibre, vitamins, minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids. It's a delicious combination of energy-rich foods that help your metabolism work harder to lose the fat that would otherwise be laid down as extra inches. Regular consumption of PURITION will increase your healthy protein intake, enabling you to build better muscle tone and drop body fat - so you'll see the results of your gym efforts even faster. We count fitness models, triathletes, cyclists and a few famous faces among the customers who trust PURITION to deliver great results. Use as a post-workout recovery shake, meal replacement, blend as a breakfast smoothie or simply stir PURITION into yoghurt for a tasty, digestion-friendly boost to your healthy eating day.

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