PowerKing Parrot Toys,Hanging Wooden Ladder Bird Hammock Chew Perches Cage Finch Toy with Bells for Bird Macaws Cockatiels Parakeets African Grey Parrot Lorikeets Conures Finches Budgie Parakeets

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Brand: PowerKing

Color: multicolore


  • 1.Size:Including 6 Pieces Bird Game Toys - Frosted wooden ladder: (H*W) 23.6*3.2", Weight: 178g; Wooden flower hanging toy: (H*W) 7.9*5.9", Weight: 110g; Wooden swing: H: 10", (L*W) 6.7*4.7", Weight: 170g; Bell acrylic stand bridge: Length: 12.6", Weight: 105g; Skateboard: (L*W) 5.5*1.7", Weight: 30g; Rattan ball toy: H: 7.1", Weight: 25g.
  • 2.Safe & High Quality】Made of sturdy non-toxic ABS Material, natural wood, edible pigments, premium acrylic, stainless steel, Exquisite carving, cutting and coloring technology, assure there won't be any burrs and keep the parrot bird healthy.
  • 3.Original Design: Designed with colorful elements, such vivid bright colors could easily stimulate the curiosity, interest and excitement of birds. With the sound of bells, your bird will love it. Each toy can bring different fun to the bird, exercise its responsiveness, balance and chewing ability, can care its teeth and strengthen muscles, and it's not easy to get tired. Light weight ensures parrots wouldn't be hurted.
  • 4.Perfect for Many Pets:the parrot toys are great Gift for Macaws, Cockatoos, Eclectus, African Grey Parrot, Cockatiels, Conures, Parrotlets, Parakeets, Anchovies, Chicks, small and medium birds, as well as many small animals, hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats etc.
  • 5.Full Refund Guarantee:If you meet any problem for our bird toys, please contact us. 24 Hours Service - Process the Refund ASAP.

Details: These would be the Perfect Pet Bird Toys you haven't ever met. Material:  Made of natural wood and non-toxic ABS materials, and dyed by edible pigments. Handmade, safe and exactly durable. Lightweight to assure you pet couldn't be hurted. Color: Multi-Colored. Feature: 1. All types of Pet birds love to peck and chew. 2. All types of Pet birds like bright colors. 3. It will fade down when meeting the water because no harmful color fixing gel included. Suitable for all kinds of parrots, hamster, rat and other birds. Note: No harmful color gel added, it will fade while immersing into water. Natural wood is not perfect, cracks or tree eyes are unavoidable. Package Includes: 1x Frosted Wooden Ladder 1x Wooden Flower Hanging Toy 1x Wooden Swing Toy 1x Bell Acrylic Stand Bridge 1x Frosted Skateboard 1x Rattan Ball Toy

Package Dimensions: 13.0 x 10.0 x 3.3 inches