Pootack Seat Cushion, Office Chair Gel Cushion - Memory Foam Support Cushion For Office Chair, Wheelchair, Car Seat

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Brand: Pootack


  • Gel Technology- Pootack seat cushion surface is covered with a layer of gel, seating on our gel seat cushion can effectively absorb the heat between the seat & your bottom. And the breathable mesh cover keeps you more closely to the gel seat cushion,feeling the icy touching brought by the gel, solving the problem of sedentary sultry for you.
  • Soft Memory Foam- Pootack gel seat cushion is made with 100% pure memory foam, evenly distributing body weight, contributing to comfort your body. And you don’t have to worry about memory foam seat cushion deformed after using a period of time, our seat cushion can rebound speedingly,returns to its original shape once removed, always using as a new chair cushion.
  • Streamlined Design- Pootack office chair cushion is a streamlined designed seat cushion which fits your thighs and hips perfectly, providing adequate support and shaping your hips, helping you stay good even after long-term work!
  • Versatile Application For Many Settings- Our seat cushion can be typically used in an office chair, car seat, wheelchair, home, airplane,allowing you comfortably go through hours of sitting time for work or travel and prevent problems caused by sedentary life
  • Portable & Washable- Our gel seat cushion comes with a humanized handle to facilitate you to transport our office chair cushion to different settings. And the velvet cover will not lint after repeated washing, you can wash it to keep the cushion clean and hygienic.

Details: Pootack gel seat cushion can effectively dissipate heat, so you can keep fresh even after for whole day work, avoiding anxiety caused by overheating; office chair cushion conforms to the streamlined design, contributing to keep your body comfortable and avoid being tired easily More Advantages About Pootack Seat Cushion Gel Seat Cushion: Our seat cushion can effectively dissipate heat through the gel, so you can stay comfortable without being sultry Soft Memory Foam: Our office chair cushion can evenly distribute body weight, comfort your body Ergonomic Design: Streamlined design makes our seat cushion better fit your hips Perfect Details: You can transport our gel seat cushion easily by the portable handle and wash the velvet cover to keep the seat cushion clean, without concerning lint loss problem Package Inclusion: 1 x Seat Cushion 1 x Storage Bag

Package Dimensions: 16.3 x 8.7 x 6.2 inches