P for Pizza The Freshest Family Board Game You’ll Taste All Year

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Brand: Big Potato

Details: P is for Pizza: The Easy Cheesy Word Game.The aim of this deliciously deceptive family party game? To be the first player to collect nine Pizza Cards and build their giant pizza slice. First you set the table. Take a pile of Pizza Cards and place them, category-side up, in the middle of the table. One by one, flip the top three cards and lay them around the deck, pizza-side up. When everyone’s ready, discard the Pizza Card on the top of the pile to reveal a brand new one. The first round starts straight away! On each card, there are three categories. Green ones are the easiest, yellow ones are a bit trickier, and red ones are the hardest. The category you choose will affect where the card can go in your giant pizza slice. As soon as the round starts, try to think of a word that fits one of the categories and begins with the letter facing it. The first player to shout out a correct answer, wins the round. The winner takes the pizza card with the letter they used (not the one in the middle) and adds it to their collection. Then they flip the category card over which takes the place of the old letter card. Then the next round begins! The aim of the game is to win Pizza Cards and build a giant pizza slice. You must always start by building your bottom level (5 cards), then move onto the second level (3 cards) before finishing it off with the top level (1 card). However, the bigger your slice gets, the harder the game becomes! When you start building your second level, you can only shout out answers from medium (yellow) and hard (red) categories. When building your top level, you can only shout out answers from the hard category. The first player to win 9 cards and successfully build their giant pizza slice is the winner. If you're a word game fan and enjoy Dobble or Banagrams you'll be salivating over Big Potato's brand new board game for 2020. For between 2 and 4 players, ages 8+ Best enjoyed with real pizza.

Package Dimensions: 6.7 x 4.9 x 1.9 inches