Natural Chew Stopper Liquid Spray | Ultra Bitter Lime Deterrent Training Aid For Dogs & Puppies | Stop Biting, Licking, Chewing, Scratching | Safe Repellent, No Alcohol | Non-Stain | 100% rPET Bottle

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Brand: Pets On Cloud 9


  • ✅ALL NATURAL. Unlike many other products on the market, our anti-chew remedy contains no alcohol and no nasty chemicals. It is natural yet extremely effective
  • ✅A GENTLE, HARM-FREE WAY TO TRAIN BETTER BEHAVIOURS. Does your dog bite, chew, scratch or lick in places that it shouldn’t? Non-sticky, lick-safe and it really does work! Our strong, bitter solution will deter your pet from damaging furniture or hurting themselves
  • ✅USE INSIDE OR OUTSIDE. Our no-stain solution works inside and outside to gently discourage unwanted behaviour. It can safely be used on carpets,rugs,furniture,table,chairs, couch,sofa,desk,walls,blinds,curtains,cables,power cords,wires,headphones,clothing,shoes, socks,bags,plants
  • ✅FOR DOGS & PUPPIES. Safe and effective if your pet is older or pregnant. Can also be used for other household pets such as cats, rabbits, rodent, hamsters
  • ✅SUPPORT A FAMILY OWNED BUSINESS THAT LOVES ANIMALS. Our product is homemade in the UK by a small, independent business that really cares about animals. The bottle we use is made from 100% recycled plastic (rPET) and can be recycled again after use

Details: WHAT'S THE PROBLEM? Let me guess: your dog is chewing on something it shouldn’t be? We know all about that! It’s the reason we developed Pets on Cloud 9 Chew Stopper. THE SOLUTION We wanted to create something that would help stop our furniture (among other things!) getting destroyed by our furry friends. Not only this, but it had to be of the highest quality, entirely chemical-free and totally harmless for our pets. We’ve built a formula using top quality natural ingredients. The taste is exceptionally bitter, which means your dog or puppy will not enjoy putting their mouth anywhere near it. But you can rest easy knowing that the ingredients are entirely natural and of food-grade quality - it’s even safe for humans! HOW TO USE IT 1. Spray liberally on the area you are looking to discourage biting / chewing / licking 2. Watch as this becomes a no-go zone for unwanted behaviours 😉 3. Reapply periodically if required WHERE CAN I USE IT? Anywhere you need to! Our anti-chew remedy is anti-stain, non-toxic and totally harmless (despite it’s bitter taste!) WHAT'S IN THE BOTTLE? Natural Chew Stopper is made with a blend of British Spring Water, Lime Extract and Grapefruit Seed Extract. Nothing more, nothing less! WHY CHOOSE PETS ON CLOUD 9? -We are an independent, small family business that have your pet’s best interests at heart -Our priority is on a perfect product: only the best quality natural ingredients are used -Our formula proven to be effective in preventing unwanted chewing, biting and licking -Each product is hand-made with love and care in the United Kingdom -With every sale we plant a tree on your behalf (our planting partners are One Tree Planted)