Megavent v 2.0 - New Swedish Nasal Breathing & Snoring Aid. CE reg. Clinically proven. Endorsed by ENT doctors. Can also be shaped individually. Snoring Relief for Comfortable Sleeping.

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Brand: MegaVent Universal. Made by Adactive AB, Sweden

Color: Transparent


  • CLINICALLY PROVEN - Fit for both men and women - ADJUSTABLE WIDTH for max airflow and great comfort
  • PERFECT FIT even with broken nose or deviated septum. TINY, SOFT and ELEGANT - Probably the most widening - ANATOMICAL, SHAPED LIKE NOSTRILS and not round makes it stay safely in place all night - SUPER COMFORT
  • MAKE IT WIDER and increase the airflow more than twice! Most other dilators are bulky and might reduce the airflow. The less material the better breathing.
  • MEGAVENT SNORE STOPPER WORKING PRINCIPLE. Put the snoring device into nasal cavity. After the airway is expanded, the air flow through the pharynx and the soft palate reduces the vibration and eddy of the uvula, and the breathing is smooth, thus reducing or eliminating the snoring. SNORING RELIEF. IMPROVE SLEEP QUALITY, and reduce problems such as memory loss, obesity, daytime fatigue caused by snoring. If your nostrils are XL, MegaVent might be a little too tiny.

Binding: Personal Care

Details: Product description We have now carefully improved our first MegaVent. We let 4000 Swedish snorers test MegaVent. We know what people want and the NEW MegaVent version 2.0 Universal has been highly appreciated. It is totally changed - much more comfortable, goes less deep inside the nose for ultimate comfort. It lasts much longer (in fact we have never heard anyone telling that the link broke...) It looks tiny, but we still have not seen any competitor widen more - if you like it to widen extra. Most customers like the widening as it is. But the width is totally adjustable. A unique and patented feature. Hardly noticable for daytime exercise and walking to improve oxygenation. Clinically proven to reduce snoring and properly CE-registered as a Medical Technical Device Class1 at the Swedish "FDA" # PID 117244. And: we know how hard it is to decide size. That is why we give one size away for free. So you allways get the right size. Perhaps you can give the extra size to a good friend? We save the environment by less packages and less transportation with this Universal size. Please try our breathing aid today - the cost is a fraction of what nasal strips cost since they last only one day. But remember - the real heavy snorer might need our Reduznore too. Free from Silicon, Bisphenol, Latex. Patent given. A quality product made in Sweden. "Your new MegaVent takes nasal dilator to a totally new next level! Outstanding! We tell patients about it every day! Snorers, congested, pregnant..." This said by leading ENT Doctor in Sweden. Our new version of MegaVent lasts longer! 1-2 months.Makes it very economical to use per night. We have now improved the link. And it will last very long - at least a month and longer with proper care. Always right size: Universal size means that you get 3 Large and 3 Medium size. It is impossible to judge from an image what size you need so we give two extra for free and you get a better solution. Heavy snorer? Our brand new ReduZnore PRO is sold on Indications Snoring, nasal congestion, dry mouth, dry saliva Ingredients E.V.A thermoplast Directions Use MegaVent as it is or customize it to fit your nostrils. Can increase airflow substantially if widen extra. Safety Warning Not for children under 12 years. Legal Disclaimer Not for children under 12 years of age. Discard if connecting link breaks.

Package Dimensions: 6.1 x 3.1 x 0.8 inches