Maxxy Cat Collar with Quick Release, Reflective and glow strip for night safe and lovely bell, soft material, 2 for 1, two colours (Red&Blue)

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Brand: Maxxy

Color: Red&Blue


  • * SAFE * - Our collar is equipped with a reflective strip all around the neck to make sure your pet is visible in roads where there are cars. Also you can easily find your cat at night by shining a torch at him/her.
  • * BIRD REPELLENT * - The bell is one of the best feature that prevents the cat to hunt animals(bird, mouse, etc..) and avoid unexpected "presents" in your house.
  • * ADJUSTABLE * - The length can be adjusted from 20 cm to 34 cm which allows it to fit any cat's neck from slim to big and eventually adjust in the future, just loosen the strap, see more instructions below
  • * QUICK RELEASE * - We don't want to trap your cat in fences or some branches, for this reason we have developed a quick release system that can be easily unlocked and the cat can come back home safe. Don't worry we provide two collars in case this happens.
  • * TWO OF ONE * - We know that you might have more than one cat and saving money is always the best for your pocket. Don't worry, if you have only one cat, the second can be handy in case one gets lost.

Details: Maxxy Cat Collars are the best for your lovely pet, they provides so many features that will give you with some relefied when he/she is outside jumping around the garden. We understand the imporance for an animal owner that you must have distinct your pet from others therefore we are offering with 2 collars, each one with a differnet colour. The bigger fear to own an animal is the worry that he/she won't come back home because of different factors that can be: Trapped somewhere Car didn't see the animal in the dark You can't understand where is your pet even if is close by We have solved these problems with the following features: Quick release provides an easy escape if your lovely animal gets trapped in fences or else Reflective material will make sure that your cat can be seen at night and avoid any unplesant news The bell is a great addiction to understand if your cat is close by, just try to call him/her and listen for the sound of the bell, you will pleased to know that is close by. In the package there are 2 collars for the price of 1, in case you want to swap them over or the cat lost it, you can just change it over without spending extra money. The collar can be adjustabe from 20 cm to 34 cm which should cover any adult cat.

Package Dimensions: 7.9 x 1.6 x 0.4 inches