KEYONEKJO 200g Timothy Hay Sticks for Rabbits Guinea Pig Hamsters Chinchilla Bunny Chew Toys for Teeth Treats Accessories

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  • SMALL PET SELECT TIMOTHY HAY- Made from pet grade natural timothy hay, no additives or pigments, organic natural grass.
  • MOLAR ACTIVITIES TOYS- The molar toy that pets love effectively inhibits the rapid growth of teeth and keeps pets healthy.
  • RAT FOOD SUPPLEMENT- High-fiber, low-protein, low-calcium, and vitamin supplements
  • INTERACTIVE TREATS AND CHEWS- Enhance the relationship between the owner and the pet

Details: Suitable for animals: Suitable for rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, hamsters, squirrels, parrots, gerbils, and other rodents. Specification: Ingredients: Timothy hay, oat Processing method: baking, compression, shaping, and high-temperature sterilization. Storage method: Please store in a dry and cool place Package includes: 20 pcs timothy hay stick Gift and work as guinea pig accessories, rabbit treats, guinea pig hay, rabbit toys, hamster toys, guinea pig toys, incense sticks, bunny toy, hamster accessories, guinea pig food, rabbit food, hamster food, squirrel food, rat toys, bunny supplies, hermit crab supplies, hamster treats, guinea pig treats,chinchilla toys, rabbit hay, bunny stuff, bunny treats, timothy hay for rabbits, timothy hay for guinea pigs, guinea pig chew toys, hay for guinea pig, rabbit treats for bunnies, toys for rabbits, hamster treat, guinea pig chews, hay for rabbits, guinea pig treats and chews, chinchilla cages, oat hay, chinchilla hay, hamster treats and chews, guinea pig timothy hay, rat food, hedgehog supplies bunny food, bunny toys for rabbits, rabbit chew toys, rabbit toys for bunnies, rabbit supplies, hamster chew toys, wood pellet storage containers