Horse Grooming Kit - Grooming Bag & Set Of 8 Brushes For Horses & Ponies (Viridian Green)

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Brand: Equeenex

Color: Viridian Green


  • BUILT TO LAST: Designed with durability in mind, you no longer have to worry about broken brushes, damaged bristles or bent hoof picks. Made from stronger materials, our equestrian cleaning tools offer maximum DURABILITY & RELIABILITY. Perfect for daily grooming routines, our horse care set will save you money in the long run.
  • Every COMPLETE KIT contains ALL ESSENTIAL BRUSHES and cleaning accessories to give your horse’s mane & tail, body, face and hooves the full care and attention they need. We have designed every brush to not only LAST FOR LONGER but TO EFFICIENTLY REMOVE DIRT and DUST for better skin health & shiny coat, giving you the peace of mind that your horse is happy and well looked after.
  • COMFORT BRUSHES: Currying, brushing & massaging has never been any easier. The NON-SLIP HANDLES make all of our grooming brushes EASY TO HOLD & suitable to use by children & adults, giving you a perfect fit, comfort and most importantly LESS STRAIN on your hands.
  • Our WATERPROOF grooming bag is made from a QUICK-DRY mesh material, designed to let you use it in rainy weather conditions. Thanks to the fabric’s EXCELLENT BREATHABILITY – you can carry muddy & wet tools without soaking or damaging the bag.
  • GROOM FOR HEALTH: Designed with HIGH PERFORMANCE & COMFORT in mind, our goal was to help equestrians spend more time and build a strong bond with their horses and ensure their equine friends are happy and healthy at all times.

Details: Keep your horses in excellent health with our ALL IN ONE equestrian grooming set, designed to help you look after your horse’s HAIR, FACE, BODY and HOOVES. Suitable for adults and children, all brushes are finished with an EASY GRIP rubber handle to make grooming easy and comfortable for any equestrian.  Our set of brushes can be used for massaging, removing dirt, dust and loose hair, as well as stimulating blood circulation on the horse’s skin and helping you to alleviate fungal and bacterial conditions  This FULL KIT offers 8 grooming tools and a QUICK DRY mesh bag, which is WATERPROOF and great for any season and weather conditions.  1x Large dandy brush 1x Body brush 1x Hoof pick brush 1x Soft face brush 1x Face rubber brush 1x Curry comb 1x Sweat scraper 1x Mane and tail brush 1x Mesh grooming bag We believe that grooming increases the human-animal bond, and most importantly, it positively impacts your horse’s health and wellbeing. While horses have different types of sensitivity and preferences – we also made sure that you have soft and hard bristles for cleaning the body and all sensitive areas.

Package Dimensions: 13.0 x 10.6 x 8.1 inches