Homebird Window Bird Feeder with Strong Suction Cups Bird Window Feeder with Removable Seed Tray For Bird Watching Bird Feeders for Small Birds Only Squirrel Proof Garden Feeders

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Brand: Homebird


  • ★ ATTRACTS SMALL BIRDS - comes pre-built and installed in less than 60seconds. Perfect gifts for grandad gifts for grandma, gifts for mum gifts for dad and grandparents gifts.
  • ★ GARDEN BIRDS KEEP COMING BACK - our deep-fill bird feeder window feeders are made specifically for small garden birds who love to return. If you already own a bird seed feeder bird table or bird bath for garden gadgets, then this product will bring you even closer to your favourite birds.
  • ★ REFILL IN SECONDS WITH REMOVABLE TRAY - our seed tray simply lifts out so that you can re-fill and clean without any trouble. Typical bird feeders stations need to be dismounted. Fill up with popular bird seeds such as sunflower hearts, suet pellets, gardman bird nuts, peanuts, suet balls, suet blocks and mealworms for birds.
  • ★ POWERFUL SUCTION THAT NEVER FALLS OFF - bird feeders for small birds often come with weak and flimsy suction cups. Mount this bird feeder station safely on any window as a squirrel proof bird feeder alternative to a gardman bird feeder, bird feeder pole or bird tables, where squirrels can normally reach.
  • ★ OBSERVE BIRDS CLEARLY WITHOUT OBSTRUCTIONS - other window bird feeders block and obscure your view. Get up close and personal with wild birds such as the robin feeder, starling. The most amazing mum dad gifts for dad from grandchildren.

Details: “Preserving Wildlife Starts At Home” DESIGNED IN THE UK - Homebird brings you the AWARD WINNING window bird feeder of Amazon. Preserving wildlife is our passion. We’ve built in many more features than our competitors to attract the best of nature’s birds; to come visit & feed at your window. To make our window bird feeder adaptable to the elements we have crafted an arched roof that extends over the removable seed tray for water protection, so that birds can eat and shelter restfully. Our drainage holes within the removable seed tray also allow seeds to be protected, mould-free and hygienic for your visitors. Whether you’re an enthusiastic birdwatcher, looking for gifts for grandad, or simply want to become more connected to nature, this high quality British designed window bird feeder will provide you with joy and happiness for years to come! VIEWING BIRDS in a way that you've never experienced before! SIZING:17cm (Height) x 30cm (Width) x 8.9cm (Depth) WINNING FEATURES: STRONGEST QUAD-SUCTION SUCTION CUPS WIDE-OPEN & LARGEST VIEWING AREA REMOVABLE SEED TRAY WITH DRAINAGE OVERHANGING ARCHED ROOF TO KEEP FOOD PROTECTED 180° WIDE ANGLED PERCH PLATFORMS HIGH-DENSITY ROBUST PERSPEX FRAME AWARD WINNING - “Winner of British Birdwatching Innovation 2020”

Package Dimensions: 13.4 x 8.5 x 5.4 inches