HAYPIGS Circus themed TREAT BALL - 3-in-1 Enrichment Toy - Rabbit Toys - Hamster Toys - Guinea Pig Toys - Small Animal Boredom Breaker

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Color: 1. Treat Ball


  • HAYPIGS - The Treat Ball is part of the award-winning circus-themed small animal enrichment toys from HayPigs. Designed and tested in the UK by UK Rabbits and Guinea Pigs this 3-in-1 enrichment toy is also suitable for Ferrets, Rats, Chinchilla, Degu, and even hedgehogs! Search the whole HayPigs matching range of feeding, bedding, and toy accessories.
  • 3-IN-1 - As a whole ball fill with finely chopped vegetables, fruit, or portion-controlled pellets and let your small fury discover how to get their treats. With the ball in 2 halves hide food or forage underneath for them to discover or thirdly fill the 6 treat releasing circus stars with herbs and leaves for them to tug away at.
  • BOREDOM BREAKER - The HayPigs Treat Ball will provide hours of boredom-breaking stimulation and enrichment through interaction, play, and exercise. Perfect for one or more Rabbits, Hamsters, or Guinea Pigs to share! It's also great for humans to watch their small animals enjoying themselves by pushing the ball around to access their treats!
  • SECRET PLACE FOR TREATS - Sized at a diameter of 8cm the Circus Treat Ball filled with treats will encourage them to explore their new toy. Not only is this great stimulation it will encourage them to interact and become comfortable with it while they nibble on food.
  • SUPER SAFE - Rabbits, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, and other small furry just love to chew and its inevitable that they will have a taste of their new fun toy. Rest assured that the Treat Ball is made from pet-safe ABS plastic and non-toxic materials so no need to worry when they have a nibble !

Package Dimensions: 6.3 x 4.0 x 3.0 inches