Fleet Farm® Barley Straw Full Bale - 100x50x40cm - Feed Quality

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Brand: Fleet Farm


  • Feed Quality Barley Straw - made in Lancashire to high quality standards ONLY at Fleet Farm
  • Ideal for horses and other large animals
  • Great as bedding for dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and other pets
  • Compressed bale, so useful as garden and outdoor seating!
  • Well packaged in a recyclable cardboard box - Approx 100cm x 50cm x 40cm, approx 18kg. If your bale arrives wrapped in eco-unfriendly plastic, it's not from us!

Details: Traditional barley straw bales of feed quality ONLY from Fleet Farm. Locally produced here in Lancashire to high quality standards. Used for horses and other large animals (we regularly supply to llamas, alpacas, goats, pigs and donkeys at Farmer Parrs Animal World over the road!), as well as for dogs, chickens, rabbits, guinea-pigs, tortoises, snakes, lizards and other small pets. Grown from mixed grasses, mainly rye, Fleet Farm straw is free from harmful chemicals and is quality checked by us right through the whole process. Also ideal as garden seating for that rustic look! Each natural bale is approximately 100cm x 50cm x 40cm, weighing in at approx 18kg+. Fleet Farm compressed bales are properly packaged in a cardboard box for delivery (see picture), not in cheap and environmentally-harmful plastic. Many of our customers keep the box and take the straw out as they need it, by simply opening the top of the box and cutting the strings around the straw. This keeps mess and loose straw to a minimum! Once used, the cardboard packaging can be easily recycled. Bulk orders welcome, we can also ship out on pallets. We usually have up to 4000 bales in stock here at the farm. FAQ's I can buy straw bales locally for much less, why is this more expensive? We sell straw to local customers who collect at £4.50 per bale unboxed. Delivery costs (£9), packaging costs (£2) and selling fees all raise the price here on Amazon. What if I receive a 'bad' bale? This is very rare as bales are manually checked before packaging here at Fleet Farm. There is currently another seller who has tagged their cheaper product onto our listing. We only found this out after several complaints from customers about 'bad bales' and bales sent in plastic wrap rather than cardboard boxes! So, first please double check that you did actually order from us here at Fleet Farm. With this being a natura