Exercise Sliders Core Sliders, Dual Sided Disks Fitness Equipment for Abdominal, Home Exercises to Strengthen Core, Glutes, and Abs, Used on Carpet or Hard Floors Gliding Discs (Red)

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Brand: Bafada

Color: Red


  • ★ DUAL SIDED FOR MULTIPLE SURFACES ★ – You’ll be able to bring your Sliders everywhere you go and with the dual sides you can slide on multiple surfaces! Nothing can stop you from getting your core workout in! The Foam side works best on hard, smooth surfaces like hardwood floors. The Plastic side works best on softer surfaces, like carpet or turf
  • ★ ULTIMATE CORE ENGAGEMENT ★ Core Sliders are perfect for fun and challenging full-body workouts. The Sliders introduce a balance and stability challenge to every movement, which forces you to engage your core muscles and results in your abdominals becoming stronger (and better-looking) than ever
  • ★ COMPACT & CONVENIENT ★ – These sliders are convenient for so many reasons: they are small, light, and compact, which makes it easy to store them when not in use. Plus, every move is low-impact, reducing your risk of energy. These Sliders very portable for people who are constantly on the go or for athletes who like to workout when they travel! Fits easily into a backpack, purse, and carry-on
  • "★IMPROVE BODY CONDITIONING ★This core sliders set is designed to help fortify your overall fitness level with customizable workout routines that challenge you without overtaxing joints or muscles "
  • ★QUALITY ASSURANCE ★ BAFADA Gliding Discs were designed for home, gym, and travel convenience, which means they’re tough, durable, and offer long-lasting use. Contact us with any questions for fast, responsive service

Details: Product description Attention: Two different sides a. Use polished plastic side down on carpet/rugs/cloth surfaces. b. Use padded foam side down on hard wood floor/laminate floor/tile floor. Mind you. Using a wrong side will scratch your floor or ruin a blanket. Low impact and effective Protection on joints in low-frictional weight-bearing workouts. Enhancement on agility, stability, strength, coordination. Matches aerobics, gym workout, calisthenics, street workout, etc. Instruction: How to avoid slippery issues of hands/feet? Stimulation. Activate your core and avoid sprains/injuries on fingers and toes. Focus on the point. Use your core to drive and move more than using your hands, feet, fingers or toes. Features Pencil thickness. 3/8in (0.9 cm) Cellphone weight. 0.4lb (186g) per pair Tablet size. Diameter: 7.0in (17.8 cm)/9.0in (22.8 cm) Abrasion resistant. ABS (solid plastic)/EVA (foam). Built for lasting slides. Portable. Store in the carry bag for home, gym, biz trips, travel, street workout, etc. Package content core sliders*2 Maintenance 1. Keep core sliders away from both extreme temperatures (too hot or too cold) 2. Keep core sliders away from sharp or abrasive surfaces. 4. Keep away from both acid and alkaline environments. 5. Put into carry bag for easy storage after use. Satisfaction. Any issue with your purchase (items or service) and you'd like your refund/return/replacement, there is No problem. Just contact us and BAFADA the solution provider handles the rest for you.

Package Dimensions: 7.1 x 7.1 x 0.8 inches