Eco Home Coffee Logs Fuel Briquettes - Eco Friendly Fire Heat Logs for Log Burner & Stoves Made from Recycled Coffee Grounds

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Brand: Logs Online


  • Each bag contains 16 logs approx 8kg of coffee logs and are clean and easy to store
  • Burns 20% hotter and longer than dried fire wood logs
  • Ideal for wood burners and multi fuel burning stoves
  • Made in the UK from recycled coffee grounds. Reduces landfill waste and 80% less greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Logs are odourless when burnt so you don't have to worry about the room smelling of coffee

Details: Description Coffee Logs from are eco home fuel briquettes made from waste coffee grounds, generating 80% less greenhouse gas emissions than if those grounds had gone to landfill. Ideal in stoves, but can be used in open too. They burn best when undisturbed and can be instead of or alongside wood and other fuels. Each log is made from the of around 25 of coffee - that’s 400 cups in each bag! But there’s need to worry about the room smelling like the local coffee hangout, as logs are odourless when burnt.