Dye for Leak Flow Detection HYDRA Fluorescent Green Drain TRACING DYE 100GM

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Brand: HYDRA

Color: Green


  • Highly concentrated water soluble dye - Green
  • Traces leaks in pipes, pool, drain, toilet and kitchens
  • UV Fluorescein dye for water and Safe, Non-toxic, easy to use
  • 5gm treats up to 100-500 litres of water
  • Note: Do not use with chlorine or any other product unless specified.

Details: HYDRA FLUORESCENT GREEN DRAIN TRACING DYE Hydra Fluorescent Green Drain Tracing Dye is suitable for detecting the flow of water in all types of pipes, for identifying individual drain runs and for tracing leaks in drains, pipes, toilets & pools. It is a highly concentrated water soluble dye, non-toxic and easy to use. DIRECTIONS TO USE Use 5g of dye per 100 - 500 litre of cold water. Mix in a bucket then add to the flow of the drain. Each 100g packet will colour 2,000-10,000 litres of chemical free water, dependant on colour.