Double Line Outline Pens - Set of 12 Colours Multipack Metallic Glitter Permanent Art Markers Gift for Kids, Perfect for Colouring, Handwriting, Graffiti, Doodle, Scrapbook

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Brand: DEMEI

Color: Multicolor


  • Beautiful Results - Write like an artist and create beautiful designs using our high-quality metallic ink. These fantastic markers write in brilliant silver metallic ink, surrounded by a fine, colorful double outline in a variety of 12 dazzling colors. Both inks dry quickly to avoid smudging. The ink used is waterproof, chemically stable and resistant to UV rays
  • Easy to Use - Great for kids, teens, and adults. To use, first shake the marker well with the cap on to mix the ink. Remove the cap and gently press and hold the tip down until the ink begins to flow. For best results, always place the cap on the marker and store horizontally
  • Sturdy 2mm Chisel Tip: Smooth, clear and effortless writing is ensured with a specially designed pressure and wear resistant chisel tip, which ensures that the pen tips last as long as the ink, ensuring you get the make the most of your supplies
  • Wide range of uses: can be used for: greeting cards, school book, gifts, birthdays, Christmas, parties, drawing, doodling, highlighting, making posters, magazines, writing, DIY projects, scrapbooking, etc.
  • Write Almost Anywhere - Our pens will write on almost any surface or material including: paper, plastic, stone, glass, clothing, ceramic, wood, ceramic, metal, rubber, etc. Note: the outline color effect will not be visible if writing on glossy surfaces, i.e. glass, plastic, metal, ceramic

Details: Features and Benefits Our marker pen sets are designed to dazzle by creating beautiful and unique metallic lines with beautiful double line contours, allowing you to quickly and easily express your artistic creativity, whether you are a child, teenager or adult. Use our pens to produce beautiful scrapbook designs, or decorate your journal, or create fun designs on rocks or wood. Our inks are non-toxic, xylene-free, environmentally friendly, and safe for both kids and adults. Instructions for Use Make sure the marker cap is secure and hold the pen firmly. Shake the pen well for 5-10 seconds to properly mix the ink. Remove the cap, gently press and hold the tip on the paper until the ink reaches the paper. Enjoy! For best results, keep the caps on the markers when not in use and store the markers horizontally. Note: the ink from the ballpoint pen will seep through the paper. Make sure to place spare sheets or a mat under the writing surface before using pens. Product Specifications Package Contents: 12 colored double line markers. Pack Colors: 12 unique colors, no duplicates. Package Dimensions: 5.5 '' x 5.5 '' x 1.5 '' Package Weight: 140g Pen Material: Plastic, Water-based ink.

Package Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.3 x 0.6 inches