Dog Urine Neutraliser For Grass – Dog Urine Grass Repair, Lawn Patch Repair, Stop Dog Urine Burning Grass, Dog Pee Grass Repair, Dog Wee Neutraliser

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Brand: PEE-FIX


  • ✅ DOG WEE NEUTRALISER FOR GRASS – PEE-FIX with BladeGrow technology is our new and improved lawn burn repair treatment formula which works like magic to repair lawn grass burn patches caused by dogs urine or other pets wee, and helps lawns to recover faster than ever before. Works directly on your lawn and not on your dog. Highly effective dog pee grass repair.
  • ✅ HOW TO STOP DOG WEE BURNING LAWN - PEE-FIX with BladeGrow contains natural microbes (lawn probiotics) and specific organic compost materials which work together to not only convert lawn burning compounds into non-burning forms, but also work to help grass grow so that lawn burn patches can recover more quickly.
  • ✅SAFE FOR PETS - PEE-FIX with BladeGrow is safe for humans, dogs, cats and other pets. PEE-FIX powder dissolves faster than tablets and comes with a plastic scoop in a resealable bag.
  • ✅ LAWN REPAIR DOG URINE - PEE-FIX with BladeGrow is fully compatible with our original PEE-FIX formula. You can use either product individually, or combined. Our products not only work to convert the burning compounds in urine into fertiliser, but also remain in the soil to help prevent future lawn burn from occurring.
  • ✅ PEE-FIX can only repair grass which is damaged. It cannot revive grass which has died (no product can). If the grass in your lawn patches has died, then any new lawn seed is also likely to die quickly unless you first apply a grass treatment such as PEE-FIX to fix the cause before applying new grass seed. If you suspect that your patches may have dead grass, first treat with PEE-FIX to fix the problem, and then apply new grass seed. Good microbes for your lawn – get nature working for you.

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