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Brand: CKK


  • 🐕【QUALITY DOUBLE SUCTION CUP DOG TOY】: Pet Molar Bite Rope Toys are Made of natural,BPA-free TPR materials, Dog Toothbrush which has good elasticity, bite resistance, non toxicity, non abrasiveness, and is safe for dogs' molars and cleaning teeth.
  • 🐶【SUPER SUCTION CUP】: Dog Chew Toys designed with a powerful double suction cup, our dog chewing toy can fix firmly to the floor, can limit your dog to play in a fixed range. This means that your dog can pull, pull and chew at will, but does not lose hold. Ideal for wooden floors, tiles and windows. Dog Squeaky Toys
  • 🦴【DOG SQUEAKY TOYS】: Dog Chew Toy Built-in small bell. When the ball is shaken, the small bell inside will make sound, attracting the dog's interest and increasing the interactive taste effectively. In addition, double-layered sharp tooth cleaning mechanism, the dog rope ball toy can efficiently clean your dog’s teeth.
  • 🦷【TEETH CLEAN TOY】: When threw the ball hit the ground,it will bounce high. Suction Cup Dog Toy also do inspire pets hunting instinct to insanely chasing this ball. Our dog toothbrush toy features a ball with rounded that clean the food residue in your pet’s teeth along with built-up tartar to promote fresh breath.
  • 🐩【MULTIFUNCTIONAL DOG TOY】: This Pet Treat Ball can be a game toy or a tooth cleaning toy. Helps keep teeth clean and fresh. Encourage dogs to do more exercise to prevent them from gaining weight and staying fit, and will focus on trying to use their attention and energy to destroy Dog Chew Toys without having time to bite your furniture.

Package Dimensions: 8.0 x 6.7 x 3.4 inches