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Brand: Maison & White

Color: white


  • ✔️ WELCOME WILDLIFE - Play host to wonderful wildlife guests, like butterflies & birds, as this cosy nesting box makes them feel right at home in your gorgeous garden.
  • ✔️ COLOURFUL & BRIGHT GARDEN - As well as attracting colourful, beautiful wildlife to your garden this dewdrop shaped nest also looks great on its own hung up on the outside of your home.
  • ✔️ EASY TO INSTALL & CLEAN- Install this Dewdrop Nest by simply hooking the rope around a nail, door handle or any other stable surface. You can easily wash out this nest out with soapy water.
  • ✔️ SIZE - 22.5 cm x 13.5 cm
  • ✔️ 2 YEAR GUARANTEE - The Maison & White Dewdrop Nest comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Details: Imagine your garden being an alluring attraction for the most gorgeous of wildlife, colourful butterflies brightening up your outdoor space with their beautiful appearance… it sounds wonderful. The Maison & White Dewdrop Nest Box simply hooks, using the strong rope provided, on to a suitable area in your garden, attracting a wide variety of birds and different coloured butterflies as well as other small insect guests that need a home! All wildlife, right down to our tiny insects, are an important part of our ecosystem and deserve our respect, care and protection so this dewdrop shaped nest is perfect for any nature lover. WOODEN & NATURAL STYLE The Maison & White Dewdrop Nest is made from bamboo, giving authenticity to the overall appearance and texture of the nest; butterflies and other wildlife creatures will feel right at home straight away. The natural wooden look of the nest not only gives the creatures comfort but also adds style to your garden, making your outdoor space look and feel like home for you as much as it does for your small insect guests. SIMPLE TO REMOVE & CLEAN Once the summer has ended, there are naturally fewer birds or butterflies flying around outside, as they head for warmer climates, a perfect time for a clean down. Remove the rope which is attached to the Dewdrop Nest from the nail or door handle of which it is hanging from, then give it a clean with warm, soapy water. ALTERNATIVE HANGING KIT INCLUDED If you don't have anywhere suitable to hang the rope, we've also included an extra hanging kit that can easily be hooked onto any wall or surface. Specification: Size: 22.5 cm x 13.5 cm Material: Bamboo In the box: 1 x Dewdrop Nest, Alternative hanging kit Colour: Light Wood, Turquoise 2 Year Guarantee All product images 2019 Maison & White (Xbite Ltd)

Package Dimensions: 9.8 x 6.5 x 6.3 inches