Crocodile Hair Clips Barrettes for Thick Hair-Salon Styling Sectioning , with Nonslip Grip and Wide Teeth Hair Styling Clips,for Women and Girls (Black)

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Brand: aosdanting

Color: Black


  • Hair styling clip suitable for Salon and home use, especially for hair styling, hair straight and hair great to hold your fine hair without damaging or cripmping your hair.
  • Non slip grip & 4.3-inches styling clips with extra wide teeth feature a jawlike grip action Great appearance and perfect quality they separate easily the hair and keeps them very strong.
  • Great sectioning clip. They don’t hold your hair too strongly, so you can actually remove them quite easily when you want to move on.
  • Sectioning clips you had never used this type of clip & found normal clips just snapped or it failed to hold you hair due to the thickness. These clips are brilliant!! They grip the hair well so no slipping when trying to section hair & they have no problem keeping think hair in place.
  • Crocodile clips hair them daily as a regular clip and the hold the style for the whole day even after a busy day at work.

Details: This Set of 10 pieces alligator hair clips features a unique flexible double hinged design to automatically adjust to any amount of hair without leaving a dent. hair grips hair tools great hold on dry or wet hair, easy to use and no fuss with having to constantly clip stray bits of hair back, these clips hold quite allot of thick, heavy hair in whatever position you need it.  Hairdressing clips they dont really stains, used these while dyeing hair and they have yet to stain badly. always wash clips right after use.  Sectioning clips found these really helpful when installing double ended dreadlocks as well. they clip the dreads back really well as working you way thru putting them in so they dont get in the way when you install the next row. Product Feature:  Easily holds all types of hair & varying volumes. Perfect use for sectioning and Parting. Unique double hinged flexible design. Package List: 10 * hairdressing clips

Package Dimensions: 7.8 x 5.1 x 0.7 inches