Cheatwell Games Big 6

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Brand: Cheatwell Games

Color: Game


  • WHAT IS BIG 6: A fast-thinking quiz game, where you must bid against your opponents to see who will answer the given subject, if you bid the highest you then have 30 seconds to shout out your answers
  • SIMPLE RULES: Players take turns to bid on how many answers they can give to the subject up to a maximum of the Big 6; give the right number of answers and you win the card, but fail in your task and you lose one of your existing cards you worked so hard to collect
  • WINNER: There are 6 different subject cards to collect and win: People, Places, Numbers, Words, Things and Random; the first player to win 1 of each is the Big Cheese of Big 6... for now...
  • QUESTION SAMPLE: Monopoly sites ending with the word 'Street'; Countries that start with a P; Films starring Brad Pitt; Animals that are striped
  • HUGE CONTENT: Over 1150 different topics, you will never repeat the subject. I guess if you play every day for 2 months you may, but you get our drift...

Binding: Toy

Details: Product Description You have to rattle off answers in this rapid response card Game. Can you predict how many examples you can give to a tempting topic... Before the time runs out? Dare you go for the Big 6? Fail to reach your target and you could blow the lot! the youngest player starts the Game by taking a card from the front of the box. On each card there are four topics from one of the 6 themes: words, numbers, people, places, things and random.The player rolls The die and reads out the topic... Now the bidding starts... The player who read out the topic turns over the timer and predicts how many correct answers they will give. Zero is not an option here. The highest bidder restarts the timer and calls out correct answers until either a) the predicted number of correct answers is given or B) The timer runs out. Safety Warning Not suitable for children under 3 years

Package Dimensions: 5.8 x 3.5 x 3.1 inches