By Vixi MEDIUM COFFIN/BALLERINA NAIL SET with FREE GLUE & PREP FILE, 12 Sizes - Opaque Express Full Cover False Fingernail Extensions for Salon Professionals & Home Use (600 Medium Coffin)

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Brand: By Vixi


  • 💖 MULTI-SIZE – Full Cover Coffin Nail Set includes 12 nail sizes marked by numbers 0 to 11, individually bagged to easily find the correct size for each finger. This By Vixi multi-size set is designed to comfortably and seamlessly fit small to large fingers (up to 3, 6 or 30 manicures depending on pack size).
  • 💖 STRONG GLUE – All false nail sets from By Vixi come with their renowned 2g strong clear nail glue which is used by professional nail artists and salons all over the world. Rest assured, it is easy to apply and secures a lasting bond of up to 3 weeks. It will not let you down on those special occasions!
  • 💖 APPLY IN MINUTES: Prep, glue and stick, the perfect manicure in minutes! This By Vixi Press-On Nail Set comes with everything you need: The file to prep, buff and shape your natural and false nails, the glue for a lasting hold and of course the elegant Opaque Coffin false nails.
  • 💖 MULTIPURPOSE: These full cover selfie worthy false nails are great for both mua’s, nail professionals or the DIY home users/learners. Suitable for nail art (gel/polish/acrylic/fiberglass), everyday use, special occasions, and gifts. Going on a night out out… Special events… Birthdays/Christmas/Halloween/Weddings… or even the perfect Office nails… We’ve got you covered! #ByVixi
  • 💖 HIGH QUALITY – By Vixi false nails are Sturdy, Light and Durable, they are made with professional high-quality ABS plastic which is designed to mould seamlessly onto your natural nails for pure comfort (they are easily filed or trimmed for an even greater fit). Create a look that lasts, up to 3 weeks of lasting glam!

Details: Unleash your inner glamour goddess with this trendy By Vixi medium nail that has tapered nails with squared-off tips in an opaque finish. Bearing a resemblance to the shape of a coffin or ballerina shoes, this style provides a great canvas for nail art. They elongate your fingers and are crafted with light yet durable material. Easy to apply, file, cut and shape, they come in 12 different widths to fit you flawlessly with a natural finish. This is your go-to style for instant glamour. Contents:1x Pack of Full Cover By Vixi Coffin Nails1x Small Prep File1x 2g Glue Sizes in mm: (Approximately)Size 0:   18.0mm Width - 25.5mm Length Size 1:   16.0mm Width - 25.0mm Length Size 2:   15.0mm Width - 24.0mm Length Size 3:   14.0mm Width - 23.0mm Length Size 4:   13.5mm Width - 22.5mm Length Size 5:   13.0mm Width - 22.0mm Length Size 6:   12.5mm Width - 22.0mm Length Size 7:   12.0mm Width - 21.0mm Length Size 8:   11.5mm Width - 20.5mm Length Size 9:   11.0mm Width - 20.0mm Length Size 10: 10.0mm Width - 19.0mm Length Size 11:   9.0mm Width - 18.5mm Length How to apply false nails for a perfect fit and long-lasting stick: Measure nails against each finger for the perfect fit. Prep cuticles and cleanse your hands/nails of any oils with an alcohol or acetone prep wipe. Glue false nails evenly and apply (one at a time). Apply starting at the cuticle, press and hold for 5 seconds. Buff and shape nails to your liking. ENJOY with your favourite Gel/Polish and Nail Art.

Package Dimensions: 6.3 x 4.7 x 0.8 inches