Birdly Bird Mite Spray - Bird Mite Treatment for Budgie Cage & Parrot Cage - Dust Mite Spray for Large Bird Cage - Alternate to Bird Accessories for Such as Red Mite Powder & Mite Killer - 100 ml

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Brand: Birdly


  • 🐦 MITE TREATMENT FOR BIRDS: Our budgie mite spray fights mites with essential oils that act as a deterrent towards mites and inhibit their growth to prevent future mite infestation. An effective remedy for mites and parasites
  • 🐦 FOR BEAUTIFUL FEATHERS: Our parrot mite spray moisturizes your bird's skin and at the same time cleans its feathers, so that your bird's plumage, with the regular use of Birdly Anti-Mites, looks even more beautiful
  • 🐦 PLEASANT FRAGRANCE: The mite spray for birds is made exclusively using pure, natural and organic ingredients, which helps make sure the bird's plumage is not damaged and the mite treatment leaves a pleasant fragrance
  • 🐦 EASY TO USE: With the ergonomic and practical pump spray, this red mite spray for chickens can be used without any hassle. Simply spray from a distance of 10 cm directly onto the plumage and into the cage. It leaves no residue!
  • 🐦 MADE IN GERMANY: All our products are manufactured, tested and packed in the heart of Germany. We use only the highest quality ingredients and are constantly improving our formulas to create the best quality products possible

Details: Birdly Anti-Mites - Natural Anti-Mite spray for BirdsOur chicken mite spray has been formulated exclusively with completely pure, natural, and organic ingredients that put an end to mite infestation problems that torment your birds, canaries, budgies, and parrots. Bird mites are one of the most troublesome forms of parasites for birds and often cause damage to the bird's health. With our alternative to mite powder for chickens, you can finally put an end to this problem! How to use Birdly Anti-Mites?Hold the chicken mite and lice treatment spray 10 cm away from the bird and spray on plumage and in the cage. Also, put some mites spray into the bath. Do not allow birds to chill and avoid cold areas. Remove all feeding materials from the cage before using Birdly Anti-Mites. Benefits of Birdly Anti-Mites:🗸 Effective Mite Repellent 🗸 Easy to use🗸 For all types of birds🗸 Safe and Non-Toxic About us:Birdly was created by animal lovers, designed to improve the health and wellbeing of birds. Our focus is on creating natural products that cover all the necessities of your feathered friend.

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