Bio Ethanol Fireplace Single Indoor Outdoor Camping Glass Top Burner Safe Steel

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Brand: B2C


  • Small & Cute
  • 200*200*170MM
  • Powdered coated Steel + Tempered Glass
  • Round burner

Details: Please make yourself familiar with points below: (UK) Operating and Safety Instructions General notes Please read through the following notes very carefully. This manual is directed towards end users who use the BioFire products. Any right to make a return claim will be cancelled if these instructions are not observed. Inappropriate use as well as changes to the product will also cause exclusion of any claims. If there are any questions and problems encountered in installing and using the products, then please contact us via messaging. 1. Description of the product BioFire products are decorative fireplaces, which are designed for indoor and outdoor use. This is a liquid fuel (bio ethanol) burnt in the BioFire model variants, which is poured into a stainless steel container. The fireplace consists of tempered glass walls and a metal base. 2. Product variants from BioFire General notes on the product BioFire products are exclusively suitable for burning ethanol. We expressly recommend using the fuel specified in chapter 5. If different fuels are used then any right to make a return claim will be cancelled, and dangerous situations can arise. Damaged product (e.g. damaged glass) must not be used anymore. Do not make any changes to the product! National and local legal provisions should be observed during installation and operation! Individual parts Metal bowl with base. Fuel container Flame extinguisher 3. Installation and safety instructions Installing the product The installation location is to be selected in such a way that damage to the system by unauthorized persons can be avoided and children and pets cannot have any access to it. Ensure that the surface it st