BINGPET Escape Proof Cat Harness and Leash - Adjustable Soft Mesh Holster Style - Best for Kitten Walking

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Color: Black


  • Size S: chest: 26.7 - 31.5 cm, neck: 17.8 - 22.1 cm, leash length: 150 cm.
  • The baby's special soft hook & loop is used in the neck and chest, a plastic closure is added to the neck to prevent the cat from escaping after get rid of the hook & loop.
  • The harnesses are made with easy-to-secure hook & loop, which makes outfitting your cat simple. it's a soft mesh material that doesn't suffocate nor overheat her when hot.
  • Two heavy D rings connect you and your pet when you are in walking, running, jogging or hiking.
  • Take your cat's girth measurement snug against her fur, and then add 2 inches to 6 inches to that measurement for comfort.

Details: Breathable air mesh is used to make your cat feel comfortable. A well-fitting harness ensures safety for your cat and makes walking, hiking and other leisure activities very comfortable. The harness offers more coverage and pressure distribution than normal leashes and is a good choice for cats who pull the leash heavily during walks or can get rid of a leash due to their flexibility. Note: - Before buying, please check the chest size and length using the size chart. - The harness and leash set should not be chewed, so please do not leave it unattended. Scope of delivery: 1 x harness + 1 x leash Size S: chest: 26.7 - 31.5 cm, neck: 17.8 - 22.1 cm, leash length: 150 cm. Size M: chest: 28.2 - 37.5 cm, neck: 21.8 - 25.1 cm, leash length: 150 cm. Size L: chest: 35.8 - 40.9 cm, neck: 25.6 - 33.3 cm, leash length: 150 cm.

Package Dimensions: 5.3 x 4.9 x 1.3 inches