Beenle-Icey Ab Roller Wheel With Knee Mat For Ab Core Training Anti-skid Texture Removable Handle Dual Glide Wheels Abdominal Roller Wheel for Home Abs Fitness Gym Strength Training

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Brand: Beenle-Icey


  • 💪【Portable And Removable】: The abdominal wheel is detachable, which means you can carry this fitness equipment with you at any time. If you will not disassemble, please contact us, we will patiently teach you! Life will not stop, movement will not stop.
  • 💪【Safe And Durable Grip Comfort】: The main body of the wheel is made of sturdy material, which has strong stability and will not shake left and right. Will fall! The child will laugh!
  • 💪【Exquisite Ergonomic Design】: The foam handle has a non-slip texture, non-slip and wear resistance. The product is also very beautiful, yellow and black, in line with the aesthetics appreciated by human eyes. Girls want to build a hot body, it is one of the best items!
  • 💪【The Exercise Method Can Be Simple Or Complex】: Suitable for professionals and beginners, the most basic forward and backward simple movement, without complicated learning, the product can start exercising when you start using it, if you are a professional exercise You can also unlock various postures for abdominal exercise! Are you eager to wait? I guess so!
  • 💪【Extra Gift】: It is a great gift for a male friend. If he does n’t like it, you can contact us! In order to bring you the best sports results, safety measures are very important, so we provide you with additional foam knee pads!

Details: We are more professional about the abdominal wheel! Believe that our products are one of your best choices today! Seize the time to exercise, summer is a great time,and it is coming soon,to show your abs and good body shape! Act quickly! During the initial development of the Brand flagship store, brothers and sisters who love fitness, seize the short-term low-sale opportunities! Of course, the quality of our products is absolutely superior, you don't have to worry! We look forward to your fitness effect, but also look forward to your product use feedback! The new versatile Abdominal exercise wheel can strengthen your muscle,shoulders or chest or back, indoors or outdoors because it is portable.It comes with a knee brace foam that protects the knee during use. This is a good project, help you shape upper body! Parameters: Color: yellow and black Abdominal wheel diameter: 14cm Abdominal wheel width: 9cm Packing Listing: 1 x abdominal wheel 1 x kneeling pad