Beast Gear Mouth Guard/Gum Shield for boxing, MMA, rugby, muay thai, hockey, judo, karate martial arts and all contact sports (Black, Adult (11+))

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Brand: Beast Gear

Color: Black


  • WHY you need the Beast Guard - you need to be protected from the blows, impacts and hits that you encounter when performing at your best, whether it's boxing, MMA, rugby, karate, judo, kickboxing, hockey or lacrosse
  • WHAT the Beast Guard does - Offers unbeatable protection for the gums and mouth - so you can concentrate on performing to your peak potential. With Beast Gear Labs self-mould technology for a personalised custom fit!
  • WHO the Beast Guard is for - anyone who needs extra protection for the mouth, gums and jaw - martial artists, rugby players, boxers, american footballers, taekwondo and jiu jitsu players etc.
  • HOW the Beast Guard works - Fits securely in the mouth to protect the teeth and gums using our self-mould technology. Fit it at home in seconds for personalised protection. Comes with a FREE sterile case so you can safely and cleanly store your Beast Guard for life-long protection.
  • OUR PROMISE to you - We use only the highest quality materials. Unlike other brands, Beast Guard is robust, latex free and stands up to the high impacts of your sport. If you have any problems, contact us and we will find a solution together!

Binding: Sports



Beast Guard by Beast Gear is the number one mouth guard / gum shield for contact sports.

It's vital to protect your teeth and gums - so get it right first time and use the Beast Guard.

We've designed the Beast Guard for optimum shock absorption - and unlike other mouth guards which rattle around - Beast Guard fits snuggly around YOUR teeth because you can custom fit it in seconds at home.

Beast Gear Labs Self Mould Technology

With full instructions it's easy to mould the Beast Guard for YOUR dental profile. And the best bit - if the shape of your teeth change over time, you can re-shape it again and again! Easy Storage with the FREE carry case - just clean the mouth guard after use, store in the case and take it anywhere!


In summary, Beast Guard is the ultimate gumshield, made of indestructible latex- free materials, offering superb protection, shock absorbent design and a hygienic case.

Package Dimensions: 6.9 x 4.8 x 1.4 inches