ARVO Pack of 50 - Garden Pegs Stakes Staples

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Brand: ARVO

Securing Lawn U Shaped Nail Pins, 6''/150mm Ideal for Weed Control Membrane/Fabric/Artifical Grass/Matting/Netting Non-Galvanised Ground Peg


  • ARVO's Pack of 50 Non Galvanised Garden pegs 6''/150mm. The Staples are made up of carbon steel.
  • PERFECT GARDENING SECURING PEGS: The Non Galvanised Staples are ideal for securing ground sheets, netting, garden pipes, weed fabric, landscape fabric, bark coverings, hoses, cables, artificial grass, polythene sheets, netting etc.
  • EASY TO USE: The length of a staple is approximately 150 mm and the width is approximately 3mm. The Staples are "U" Shaped.
  • DURABLE: Do not bend easily, making them more durable. The shape and the design of the staples offer strength, durability and value for your money.
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